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N (manager) commands

X (Xmaster) Undernet X commands

n (owner) commands

m (master) commands

o (op) commands

l (halfop) commands

  • halfop
  • halfdeop
  • invite
  • modes
  • ban

  • BAN somebody (ADD a specific *!*@host to channel banlist). The user will be unable to join the channel until the ban is not removed. Bans that cover a broader range than previously set bans will replace the previous bans.

    Syntax chan: !ban <$nick|$host> [$duration] [-sticky] [-global] [$reason]
    Syntax msg: /msg <BotNick> ban <#chan> <$nick|$host> [$duration] [-sticky] [-global] [$reason]


    $nick - the user's nick to ban. If the user is not on any BOT's channel, the bot will ban by given nickname (nick!*@*).
    $host - the user's hostmask to ban, valid hostmask *!ident@host.

    $duration - the ban duration, you can specify the time in different formats - 1h for 1 hour, 3d for 3 days, 2w for 2 weeks, 1m for 1 month. By default the time is calculated in minutes. For permanent ban (wich will not expire) specify 0. If no duration is specified - channel ban-time will be by default.

    -sticky - makes a sticky ban, which will be enforced by BOT permanently in channel's ban list.

    -global - makes a global ban, valid on all BOT's channels (global +m access level requireed).

    $reason - reason/comments or any wish :). If no reason is specified - "No Reason" will be used as default, to setup/change default ban-reason - use !chanset ban-reason.

    Example: !ban niqu or /msg DELPHINUS ban #a&a niqu 10 get lost
    Example: !ban *!*@edyy.users.undernet.org 0 -sticky blabla bad boy or !ban *!*@edyy.users.undernet.org 0 -sticky -global blabla very bad boy

    Note: see also the commands unban & kick; channel settings ban-time, ban-reason, enforcebans, dynamicbans & userbans.

  • unban
  • kick

v (voice) commands

- (valid user) commands

~ (common) commands


N (manager) commands

n (owner) commands

m (master) commands

o (op) commands

v (voice) commands