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N (manager) commands

X (Xmaster) Undernet X commands

n (owner) commands

m (master) commands

  • chattr

  • ASSIGN CHANNEL flags (give access on BOT). It can be just one manager (+N flag) per channel which can give access to all users on chan. You can give access to an unlimited number of users on chan. There are a few groups of flags:

    • command flags - which will give access to channel commands: N, X, n, m, o, l, v.
    • protection flags - which will protect or will exempt the user from any channel's protections or penalties: f, P, H, L.
    • auto flags - which will automatically react on certain events or conditions (join, op, deop): g, a, y, w, z, e, q, r, d, k.

    all user flags & their explication you can find on the flags page.

    Syntax chan: !chattr <$nick|$user> <+-$flags> [-now]
    Syntax msg: /msg <BotNick> chattr <#chan> <$nick|$user> <+-$flags> [-now]


    $nick - the user's nick to give access. The BOT will check if this person has an user or not on BOT. If it has no user - the BOT automatically will create an user for this person & will give access specified by you. Sometimes it may happen that there is already an user on BOT with same name as the nick on channel, but the user's host does not correspond to the nick's host currently on channel. In this case the BOT will warn you, that there is already an user on BOT with same name as nick but with a different host, this is done in order to prevent you to give access to a wrong person. If you are sure that the nick on channel is the same person as the BOT's current user - use the parameter "-now" to enforce the BOT to give acces to this nick. Another option in this case, which is more secure - you can ask the person to authorise on BOT - in order to have the new host registered on BOT (+ to be recognised by BOT) & after that to give access. In the case if BOT's user & nick on channel are two different persons - ask him to change the nick (the BOT will try to create an user with another name) & after this give him access.
    $user - user on BOT to give access.

    $flags - the user flags - LSPHfNXnmoadlyrvgqkwze. All user flags are specified & described on the the flags page.

    -now - enforce the BOT to give/take access when there is an user which host does not correspond to the curent nick on channel.

    Example: !chattr niqu +of or /msg DELPHINUS chattr #a&a niqu +nf-P
    Example: !chattr edyy +Xnf -now or !chattr edyy -d+of

    Note: see also the commands remuser, chattrgl, access, whois, userinfo & userset.

  • topic

o (op) commands

l (halfop) commands

v (voice) commands

- (valid user) commands

~ (common) commands


N (manager) commands

n (owner) commands

m (master) commands

o (op) commands

v (voice) commands