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a&a rules & terms


  • admin/helpers rules

    2. Respect to a higher access admin or helper, if you think that you are intimidated or offenced - address to superior hierarchic admin with logs, the last word & decision is reserved to a&a manager: aqwzsx.
      * Do not even dare to kick, deop or ban a team member on service channels (penalty automate remuser).
      * Do not quarrel, dispute on service channels (penalty 2 weeks suspend for provoker & 1 week for provoked).
    3. "Disce, sed a doctis, indoctos ipse doceto" - Learn, but from the learned: teach th' untaught.
    4. In order to maintain your a&a access status all your activity must be conformed to a&a helping rules.
      * A global access can be given or removed only by a&a manager aqwzsx according to become a&a admin & helper rules.
      * A local access on service channels (for future helpers) can be given only by a global owner according to become a&a admin & helper rules.

  • helping rules

    1. The user can be helped only by one helper: the 1-st who gave voice to user - no one else can intervene, if you think that the helper provides inadequate help or wrong information - inform him politely in private or on #aservice channel.
    2. If you think to be unable to help with a specific trouble - ask help on #aservice channel.
    3. Once the user helped - ask him politely to part & devoice it, having been insured it does not need anything else.
    4. Every user must be helped in an average of 60 seconds period.
    5. Do not help users in private or on their channels - everything must be done on #a&a (everything will be logged & used to evaluate your competence & will be used as proof of your activity).
    6. Do not offence directly or indirectly any user, if done - 1 week SUSPEND.
    7. Do not ask any favor (like access, shell, bnc, etc. ) for your services, if done - REMUSER.
    8. Do not chat on #a&a channel, this is a service chan & all logs are analysed in order to evaluate your competence & activity, if done - 24 hours BAN.
    9. You must help on a&a at least 21 hours per week in order to maintain your access status, if less - REMUSER.
    10. If you are not online - do not leave on #a&a any bnc, if you are on #a&a & there is any user waiting help for more than 10 minutes - 24 hours BAN.
    11. If you will be inactive for some time, do post a thread in a&a forum, specifying the period of time you will be offline. Inactivity period can not extend one month for every 4 months.
    12. 3 BANs = 1 week SUSPEND; 3 SUSPENDs = REMUSER.

  • purge/suspend rules

    1. no-(access|autoop)|banned - PURGE, noreg for 1 week.
    2. no-users (9- user average) - PURGE, noreg for 2 weeks.
    3. abuse (trivia, bots, 18+|20%+ clones) - PURGE, noreg for 4 weeks (for the channels which have the BOT for 60+ days - SUSPEND, manager convocation).
    4. 3 abuses, banned by manager - BLACKLISTED.
    5. take|invte|key|limit (channels with no ChanServ, X, Q, etc) - PURGE.
    6. flood-(ban|kick|deop) (by users with same/higher level access) - SUSPEND, manager convocation.

  • become a&a admin & helper rules

    1. Responsible for recruiting & promotion of new helpers is - aqwzsx.
    2. To become an a&a helper you must pass 3 tests & to have time/desire/opportunity to help at least 3 hours per day on #a&a. To inscribe for tests: a&a forum.
    3. 1st test (a&a local voice status) - test for standard eggdrop, a&a user & channel flags.
    4. 2nd test (a&a local op status) - test for standard eggdrop dcc & a&a chan commands.
    5. 3rd test (official a&a helper post) - theoretical test, which include 1st, 2nd tests & a&a FAQ & th' applied test - you must compile 2 eggdrops or to install 2 windrops, setup advanced eggdrop/tcl scripts (find @ botlending.com/links) & link the BOTs in a botnet.
    6. all info & links for your training you will find on a&a site & botleding, all tests must be passed in the presence of th' admin responsible for recruting & the examiner.
      * New helpers are recruited once per month on #aservice (in the 1st week-end of the month, after 19.00 GMT; details in topic on #aservice)
      * The tests will pass twice per month on #aservice (in the 1st & the 3rd week-end of the month, after 19.00 GMT; details in topic on #aservice)
      * Once a test failed you can pass it again in 2 weeks. If failed second time you will have to begin your "career" again in a month.
      ** a&a provides courses on #aservice (every week-end of the month after 19.00 GMT; details in topic on #aservice) for everybody interested to learn more about eggdrops & a&a BOTs. Supported languages are english, romanian, french & russian, inscription in a&a forum.
    7. Responsible for promotion of global admins is - aqwzsx.
    8. To become an a&a admin (+o, +m or +n global access) you must have the accord of all global owners (you can be promoted once per month by recommendation of a global owner).
    9. In case if you show brilliant knowledge in eggdrop (programming, commands, etc. ) or significantly contribute to a&a development (help on-line, programming php or tcl, bots, shells, web space, etc .) the process can be speed up but only with accord of all global owners.


  • rules of use for a&a BOTs

    1. Keep your chan populated, you must have an average of 15+ users.
    2. 3d party BOTs: you can have only one BOT per chan - no other 3rd party BOTs, no trivia/game/flooding BOTs, no clones.
    3. X & ChanServ services: a&a BOT must have at least 450 access on X, SOP on ChanServ or +oa on L.
    4. OP chan status: if you don't have X or ChanServ on chan setup autoop for a&a BOT on your bnc (/adduatoop #YourChan:*!BotIdent@BotHost).
    5. No BANs, KICKs or DEOPs for a&a BOT. If you want the BOT to purge, templeave or cycle use the stipulated commands.
    6. Be sure to read FAQ & commands on our site, pay attention on "PURGE TEMPLEAVE CYCLE & SUSPEND" section of FAQ.

  • terms of use for a&a BOTs

    1. Because a&a is a free of charge BOT lending service, there is no warranty for our service. a&a provides the serivce "as is" without warranty of any kind, either expressed or implied, including, but not limited to, the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. The entire risk as to the quality and performance of the service is with you. Should the service prove defective, you assume the cost of all necessary servicing, repair or correction.
    2. a&a reserves the right to refuse any chan for any reason, whether listed here or not.
    3. a&a reserves the right to remove the BOT from any chan for any reason, whether listed here or not.
    4. Only the channel manager/founder can ask/demand an a&a BOT (must have 500 X, founder on ChanServ, +n on L or, if not registered, OP on chan)
    5. If you had already an a&a BOT & it left your chan since of nonconformance to our rules & terms, you will have the right to apply again in a period of 1-4 weeks depending of graveness specified by an a&a admin (according to purge rules).