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a&a rules & terms


  • admin/helpers rules
  • helping rules
  • purge/suspend rules
  • become a&a admin & helper rules

    1. Responsible for recruiting & promotion of new helpers is - aqwzsx.
    2. To become an a&a helper you must pass 3 tests & to have time/desire/opportunity to help at least 3 hours per day on #a&a. To inscribe for tests: a&a forum.
    3. 1st test (a&a local voice status) - test for standard eggdrop, a&a user & channel flags.
    4. 2nd test (a&a local op status) - test for standard eggdrop dcc & a&a chan commands.
    5. 3rd test (official a&a helper post) - theoretical test, which include 1st, 2nd tests & a&a FAQ & th' applied test - you must compile 2 eggdrops or to install 2 windrops, setup advanced eggdrop/tcl scripts (find @ botlending.com/links) & link the BOTs in a botnet.
    6. all info & links for your training you will find on a&a site & botleding, all tests must be passed in the presence of th' admin responsible for recruting & the examiner.
      * New helpers are recruited once per month on #aservice (in the 1st week-end of the month, after 19.00 GMT; details in topic on #aservice)
      * The tests will pass twice per month on #aservice (in the 1st & the 3rd week-end of the month, after 19.00 GMT; details in topic on #aservice)
      * Once a test failed you can pass it again in 2 weeks. If failed second time you will have to begin your "career" again in a month.
      ** a&a provides courses on #aservice (every week-end of the month after 19.00 GMT; details in topic on #aservice) for everybody interested to learn more about eggdrops & a&a BOTs. Supported languages are english, romanian, french & russian, inscription in a&a forum.
    7. Responsible for promotion of global admins is - aqwzsx.
    8. To become an a&a admin (+o, +m or +n global access) you must have the accord of all global owners (you can be promoted once per month by recommendation of a global owner).
    9. In case if you show brilliant knowledge in eggdrop (programming, commands, etc. ) or significantly contribute to a&a development (help on-line, programming php or tcl, bots, shells, web space, etc .) the process can be speed up but only with accord of all global owners.