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a&a rules & terms


  • admin/helpers rules
  • helping rules

    1. The user can be helped only by one helper: the 1-st who gave voice to user - no one else can intervene, if you think that the helper provides inadequate help or wrong information - inform him politely in private or on #aservice channel.
    2. If you think to be unable to help with a specific trouble - ask help on #aservice channel.
    3. Once the user helped - ask him politely to part & devoice it, having been insured it does not need anything else.
    4. Every user must be helped in an average of 60 seconds period.
    5. Do not help users in private or on their channels - everything must be done on #a&a (everything will be logged & used to evaluate your competence & will be used as proof of your activity).
    6. Do not offence directly or indirectly any user, if done - 1 week SUSPEND.
    7. Do not ask any favor (like access, shell, bnc, etc. ) for your services, if done - REMUSER.
    8. Do not chat on #a&a channel, this is a service chan & all logs are analysed in order to evaluate your competence & activity, if done - 24 hours BAN.
    9. You must help on a&a at least 21 hours per week in order to maintain your access status, if less - REMUSER.
    10. If you are not online - do not leave on #a&a any bnc, if you are on #a&a & there is any user waiting help for more than 10 minutes - 24 hours BAN.
    11. If you will be inactive for some time, do post a thread in a&a forum, specifying the period of time you will be offline. Inactivity period can not extend one month for every 4 months.
    12. 3 BANs = 1 week SUSPEND; 3 SUSPENDs = REMUSER.

  • purge/suspend rules
  • become a&a admin & helper rules